Fire pit installation

Fire pit installation

Expand your home’s entertaining areas to the outdoors with gorgeous and cozy fire pits from Soil and Seed Landscaping. For many decades, we have been designing and installing elegant fire pits for residences and commercial properties.

Our expert team can seamlessly integrate the fire pit installation into your patio area to create a charming vibe. With our fire pit installation Clarence NY service, you don’t just get a professional fireplace installed – you get a functional piece of art in your outdoor space.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our expert fire pit installers can design a custom fireplace that works perfectly in your outdoor space. You get the freedom of choosing from our range of fire pit materials to match your outdoor architecture. There are plenty of enticing materials we can use to build your fire pit – stone, brick stone veneer, or block.

In addition to the materials, you also get the advantage of choosing your preferred heat source. Whether you prefer a crackling fire pit or love the instant convenience of gas – we can design a unique-built fire pit that works for your lifestyle.

Warn those crisp fall nights or celebrate the summer with delectable s’more with our fire pit installation Clarence NY services!

Our professionals can install fire pits over any surface including turf and stone pavers. But we make sure never to install the fire pit over bare grass as this can be dangerous.

If you wish to make your outdoor area more inviting and comfortable, fire pits are a great way to do that. They are also excellent for roasting marshmallows, burning campfires, or just sitting back and enjoying the warmth.

The BTU of a fire pit is the optimal amount of heat for that particular fire. If you are integrating the fire pit with an outdoor grill, the BTU should be less than 3500.

Avoid planting flammable trees and plants such as fir and pine near the fire pit area. You can plant maple, cherry, and poplar trees instead.

Step-by-step Process:

To get expert fire pit installation Clarence NY service from our professional team, you have to follow only 4 easy steps –

  1. Call us at +1 716-320-7707 to book an appointment. 
  2. Share with us your fire pit design. If you don’t have one, our creative fire pit designers will plan for you.
  3. Schedule our team inspection to your project area as per your time and convenience. 
  4. After the inspection, we start the work immediately and finish it off within the assigned time frame.

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