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Garden Maintenance and Mulch Installation in Clarence, NY

Mulch helps you maintain your garden beds and they make your Landscape come alive with vibrant colors. You can use synthetic or organic mulch depending on your preference. Organic mulches are taken from a natural source, and they decompose naturally, some of the common organic mulches are compost, agricultural waste, bark chips, rice hulls, and sawdust. The best thing about organic mulch is it improves the quality of the soil, restricts the growth of weeds, and does not allow the water to evaporate.

Advantages of Organic Mulching 

Organic mulching has great benefits such as:

  • Reflects the sunlight and prevents heating up of soil 
  • Prevents evaporation of water 
  • Very beneficial in hot and dry climates 
  • Suppresses the growth of weeds
  • Prevents soil erosion 
  • Keeps your plants hydrated 
  • Improves the quality of the soil’s physical 
  • Improves the organic carbon in the soil

Some of the most common organic mulches suggested by mulch experts are 

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Bark Mulch

Most commonly used for landscaping, it contains and retains moisture, the best option for covering the paths between garden beds.

Grass Clippings 

Fresh grass clippings increase nitrogen levels in the soil, commonly used by agriculturists, dry grass is also used in some cases. 

Dry leaves 

Improves the nutrition level of the soil, it is sometimes combined with wood bark. 


Commonly used in fields as it allows sunlight, often avoided in residential areas due to its highly inflammable quality.


The traditional method of preparing manure at home uses leaves, straw, plants, and grass residues. T is mainly used to improve soil health.


It is acidic in nature and decomposes very late. It is acidic in nature and retains moisture.


It is the best type of mulching material because it is generally cut before it can produce seeds, it is very nutritive for the soil because of high nitrogen and it lasts long.


Freshly collected seaweed improves the quality of soil, a thick layer must be installed as it dries and shrinks.

Cocoa Bean Hulls 

Smells great and is very attractive in appearance, it improves the nutrition level of the soil.

Peanut hulls 

Often used by farmers to mulch their fields, found in areas where the peanuts are processed.

Organic mulch is very beneficial for your garden as it improves the quality of the soil, however, if you are looking for a long-lasting mulching option then you should consider synthetic mulch.

Soil and Seed Landscaping in Clarence offers organic and synthetic mulching solutions. With years of experience and expertise in gardening, hard landscaping, and landscaping, we offer a service with a personal touch and a commitment to unmatched excellence. 

At Soil and Seed Landscaping, we have a team of professional gardeners and landscapers, who use their experience in landscape designing, the vision for the properties, and the natural terrain to enhance the function and beauty of the landscape. So, every job that we perform is designed to last.

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