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Garden Maintenance Clarence: Tips To Get You Started

Gardening is a much-loved activity. Yes, it can be tiring, but it’s fun as well and is a mood booster. 

Not always, we have the time and attention to devote to our garden as much as it deserves. But it’s all about gardening smarter!

To see greater – and more consistent rewards from your garden – here are some gardening maintenance tips for you.

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  • One of the best-kept secrets for thriving gardens is to deadhead often. This means you remove dead, aged, and unattractive flowers from plants once every few days.
  • Consider drought-resistant plants for your garden. They need less water and also less maintenance. Mimosa, lavender, and verbena are good choices.


  • Don’t make the mistake of over-watering your plants. Watering once or twice a week does just fine.
  • The ideal time to water your plants is in the evening or early morning.
  • Avoid watering leaves or plant heads to restrict mold formation.
  • During winter months, just watering the plants is not enough. You must give your plants that extra defense by adding a layer of mulch around the plants. This helps the soil stay moist. 
  • Autumn/winter are great for collecting rainfall in water butts. Rainwater is great for plants because of their lower pH than water from the main. Simply collect the water and conserve it for the next summer.

Lawn Care

  • When the weather is too high, avoid cutting the grass too short. Leave it standing at about five centimeters. This will protect your plants from the scorching heat of the sun and prevent the soil from drying out.
  • Between 4 am – 8 am is the ideal time for watering plants.
  • When watering your plants, use 10-15 liters of water per square meter to avoid overwatering your plants.
  • If you want to grow a wildlife-friendly lawn, consider mowing less often. This allows the plants and the grass to grow, which attracts pollinators. Another option is to choose one particular area of your garden to create a habitat for wildlife while mowing the rest of the garden.

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  • Weeds can be an absolute nuisance. Therefore, to minimize the growth of weeds, plant beds densely to minimize the space for weed growth.
  • Using too much mulch can prevent the seeds from sprouting. If you are attacking existing weeds, try removing the source. Use a weeding trowel to reach the roots. 

Final Thoughts

These tips are simple yet very crucial for maintaining a vibrant, beautiful, and healthy garden. But we know how challenging it can be to take care of one’s garden amidst a busy day. Therefore let the expert Soil and Seed Landscaping take care of your garden for you to enjoy the view of your well-maintained lawn. 

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