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Check Out Some Exciting Landscaping Ideas For Your Small Backyard

Suppose you love gardening a lot and love staying close to the greenery. But you have a very small backyard and think you can’t make a great landscape. Wait, don’t give up hope. With Soil and Seed Landscaping NY’s best small backyard ideas, your dream of a vibrant garden will become a reality. 

There are many ways you can turn your lifeless and tiny backyard into an exciting treasure trove of greenery. Let us show you how. 

Top 8 Landscaping Ideas For Your Small Backyard

Tidy up your curbs:

If you have very limited backyard space, you need to keep your curbs trimmed and properly maintained. With carefully picked and planted shrubs, your backyard will look more spacious than it really is.

But you need to regularly trim your curbs. The leading landscaping and maintenance services in Clarence, Soil and Seed Landscaping NY, can help with that. 

Plant potted shrubs:

Using pots for your plants and shrubs in the garden can allow you to maximize the space you have in your backyard. Potted plants can give your backyard a complete makeover overnight. 

The potted plants can become more beautiful depending on the design of the pots and how it’s used. This is one of the best small backyard landscaping ideas, and we can help you execute it. 

Add decorative stones:

Stones are available in different shapes and sizes. But if you can use them carefully and aesthetically, they can enhance the looks of your garden by beautifying it. 

At Soil and Seed Landscaping NY, you can get several brilliant small backyard ideas like this one, and we will help you implement them. 

Add a portable water fountain:

Since their invention, water fountains have always made us fascinated. If you have a small backyard space, why not install a portable small water fountain there. It won’t take much space or money out of your pocket. But it will become a great asset for your garden. 

If you are wondering about installations, don’t worry; Soil and Seed Landscaping NY, one of the leading landscape maintenance services in Clarence, will help you install it.

A backyard sandbox:

If you have children, then a backyard sandbox will be one of the best small backyard ideas. The kids will love it. They will also be able to make friends with your neighbors’ kids. You can use artificial kid’s safe sands for the sandbox to ensure the kids will not accidentally harm themselves. 

This is very uncommon with small yard landscaping.oi 

A small vertical garden to make your backyard stand out:

You can magnify and enhance the beauty of your small backyard by going for vertical gardening. This is one of the most common yet best small backyard ideas available for homeowners. 

The vertical gardens can be built using fences or ladder-like structures. You can choose various climbing plants like Japanese Wisteria, Climbing Roses, Jasmines, Clematis, Virginia Creeper, etc., matching your small garden landscaping ideas.

Add a small garden pond:

A small garden pond can effortlessly transform your backyard into a tranquil place of peace where you can have a great relaxing time. This is one of the underdogs when it comes to small backyard landscaping ideas to transform the landscape. 

Elevated garden beds:

Elevated garden beds are one of the greatest small garden landscaping ideas you can execute effortlessly without spending a lot. Go for the elevated garden beds. 

You will be able to grow various flower plants and fruit-bearing plants or vegetable plants for your kitchen. 


No matter which of these small backyard ideas have made you interested, Soil and Seed Landscaping NY can help you make it right.

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