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7 Helpful Landscaping Tips That Fits Every Property Perfectly

A savvy landscaping design complements all properties. It presents the property in its finest light.

SS Landscaping NY has brought forth the top landscaping tips that will fit every property style and setting. Read it all and make sure to try at least one of these inputs suggested by top-notch landscaping and maintenance services.

A Multi-Story Peaked Roof House

Multi-story houses are surely an appealing landscaping element. But our landscaping tip here is to set the multi-story house up on a slope.

Trust our word, the result will be far more imposing! 

You can fill in the middle ground between the structure and the lawn with an apron of rocks, shrubs, or a small tree.

Compensating For A Conspicuous Garage Space

Conspicuous garage spaces bring forth a lot of new construction. Three or sometimes five bays’ worth. That may detract from the house.

So, what do you do?

One of the practical landscape tips is to design a landscape to recast the attention from the garage. Start with large and vibrant flower beds that are visible from a distance. 

You can try filling it up with shapely plants in a multitude of bright colors. The eye will go to the landscape first and then to the house – and you will successfully divert your visitors’ eyes from the garage!

Highlight A 2-Story House

The detached garage will not come into play here. Instead, all the eyes will be on the house with its edgy mix of natural materials. 

Build this landscaping design by creating a stage and including plants with graduating heights. Also, try planting low groundcovers to 10-foot shrubs. 

The Colossal Coverup

This landscaping tip works best for homeowners: a) who crave privacy or b) who aren’t too keen to show off their house.

Partially obscure your precious structure. Keep the entryway wide open. Use plants with a range of shapes and sizes. Also, contrast color in plants. Make it obvious this is planned and not overgrown. 

Amplify The Magnificence Of Classic Brick

Landscaping does make the best statement. But in this scenario, the house with classic bricks will speak for itself. 

The surrounding landscaping work will be more like a supporting player. The symmetrical layout of the bricks is a perfect styling option for a formal house.
Match it with burgundy tree-from shrubs and urns filled with colorful flowers. 

Cushioning A High Roofline

Houses with prominent roofs can landscape it cleverly to turn it into a showpiece.  SS Landscape experts have got amazing tips for it!

The plant is some upright evergreen tree atop the roofs. It will break the plane of the high roofline to make it look less obtrusive. You can also plant some brightly colored flowers and shrubs there. It will create the perfect spectacle that even compensates for the muted colors of a house. 

Let the Victorian-styled House Shine

A Victorian-style house flaunts its beauty without much landscaping work. There is less effort it requires.

So, our only landscaping tip here is to frame the house with a nice seasonal contrast to some evergreens. That will be more than enough!

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