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11 Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tips for Property Management

What does it take for a business to remain successful? Some would say finances, some believe the work environment, while others would guess business processes and more.

Factually, these things do contribute to success, but some ‘teensy- weensy” factors can make a significant impact on your business growth. A great example is the property’s commercial landscape design. Even though it doesn’t have any connection with the internal business processes, in reality, it brings a lot of great benefits, including influencing your clients’ moods and decisions – and we’ll tell you why!

A great landscape helps in making your business more presentable, professional, and welcoming to outsiders and attracts better employees and clients.  And if you want to significantly improve your chances of attracting and converting clients, use our commercial landscape tips to enhance the visual appeal of your business property.

Landscape Maintenance Tips For Commercial Properties

Invest in Landscape Design

An outdoor space that looks well kept and maintained allures a lot of customers. Invest in landscape designing, and your professionalism will be evident not just from inside but from outside of the building too. Hire a professional to alter and enhance your commercial landscape design.

Integrate Hardscaping

Hardscaping refers to adding man-made parts to your yards like stone walls, pergolas, walkways, patios, and ponds. It improves the curb appeal of your commercial property and symbolizes that you care about how people perceive your business from the outside.

Keep the Native Plants

Native plants often require less maintenance to thrive as they are already adapted to the climate and environment. These plants are more resistant to drought, require less water, and can even help deter pests.

Adding these low-maintenance plants to your commercial landscape design will take off the watering and caring needs every day.

Routinely Fertilize

Choosing the right fertilizer and fertilizing regularly in springs and at the end of the summer season ensures that plants receive all the required nutrients to grow and remain healthy.

Get Pest Control

Periodic pest control of your commercial landscape will protect your plants and soil from all kinds of pests, fungus, or insect infestations. 


Mulch has a myriad of benefits, including stopping elements from washing away the top soil, maintaining the soil’s temperature, preventing the build-up of water, and controlling weeds.

Focus on Weed Control

Getting rid of the pesky weeds is more than just pulling them out – it’s about ensuring that the weed roots don’t infest the soil and cause any kinds of problems in the future.

Our special commercial lawn maintenance services can prevent the spread of these unwanted plants with organic chemicals and special tools.

Install a Quality Irrigation System

If you want your property to look aesthetic and green all the time. The shrubs, trees, and plants will require excellent irrigation. It’s possible to water the lawn and plants by hand. Still, an automated quality irrigation system will save you a lot of time and provide regular and adequate irrigation to all the plants in your garden.

Maintain Sidewalks and Walkways

Would you like to enter a building if the walkways were dirty with rocks and dust on them? Certainly not!  And your customers wouldn’t like that too! 

Maintaining these hardscaping elements of your commercial landscape design is really essential. 

So make sure you routinely sweep and clean them. Pressure washing these elements once a year can benefit in maintaining their color too.

Invest in Lawn Maintenance 

Most businesses have an attached lawn to their business spaces, and they only look great when they are regularly watered and mowed. Make sure, along with mowing, you also dethatch, seed, and fertilize them to get a healthier-looking commercial lawn.

Hire a Reliable Landscaping Company

As you have already figured out by now, landscape maintenance is a big job. To get the best results, make sure you hire an experienced and professional lawn maintenance company that knows how to create beautiful, attractive, and well-maintained commercial landscape designs.


At Soil and Seed Landscaping, we take immense pride in offering top-notch commercial landscape maintenance services to our esteemed clients. With years of experience and expertise, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into breathtaking vistas that leave a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike.

If you need help with maintaining your commercial landscape or making changes to your commercial landscape design, your local landscapers are always ready to help! Contact Soil and Seed Landscaping and avail the best landscape maintenance services in Clarence. Connect to get your free estimation today!

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