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8 Amazing Steps To Revive And Rejuvenate An Unhealthy And Dead Lawn

There can be nothing more disheartening than watching your lawn gradually turn from vibrant green to crispy brown. You did everything you could do to upkeep the best health of your yard. But alas, you couldn’t avert the worst!

Fortunately, you still can revive and improve your lawn. Soil and Seed Landscaping NY – the top-rated lawn maintenance company in Clarence has some incredible ideas to make your lawn lush and green once again. Check out what the tips & tricks are to improve your lawn!

8 Steps To Fix And Improve Your Lawn

Diagnose The Problem

Before you start to improve your lawn, take a moment to investigate what problem drove your lawn to such a despairing situation. You certainly don’t want to face the issue again after you’ve fixed your lawn.

For instance – if grubs were the issue, you have to treat them first. Or if your yard is suffering because it gets no sunshine, you will have to plant grass that thrives in shade. 

Give The Lawn a Fresh Start

If more than half your lawn is crying for help, improve your lawn from scratch. Spray the existing turf with a non-selective herbicide. This will kill all the vegetation instantly. 

Mow The Lawn

Give the herbicide a few days to work its magic. Then, cut the dead grass as short as possible. Low mowing keeps the dead plants from overshadowing your new lawn too much. Also, it keeps the roots of the dead turf still intact which prevents lawn erosion until fresh turf can thrive.

Rake, Rake, And Rake Again

Raking the lawn will eliminate excess organic material and aerate the yard soil. This lawn care service helps your new lawn to take root properly. While raking, make sure to leave about 1/4th inch of thatch behind. You’ll know you’ve raked enough when your lawn has equal amounts of dead turf stem and bare soil. Then, lay down compost over the soil and rake it evenly all over your new lawn.

Seed The Lawn

Now it’s time to finally plant your new turf. You need to plant the exact right number of seeds on your lawn. Or else, the new lawn can turn out bare and scraggly if you don’t seed enough. To stay on the safer side, spread half of the seeds in the north/south direction. Then, turn around and apply the other half in the east/west direction.

Water The New Lawn Well

It is so vital to keep the renovated lawn moist at all times. Water a couple of times a day during the early weeks. Over time when the grass is up and growing, switch to once-a-day watering. 

Fertilize Your Brand-New Turf

Apply fertilizer to the new lawn to encourage healthier growth. You can also go for organic compost instead of fertilizer to improve your lawn.

The best time to fertilize your lawn is when the turf is about an inch tall. Or else, you can burn the grassroots by fertilizing too early.

Mow The New, Repaired Lawn

When your new turf is about 3 inches tall, give them their first cutting. This will keep away weeds and boost the growth of your new grass.

Give Your Dead Lawn A Complete Overhaul With Soil and Seed Landscaping NY

The expert gardeners of Soil and Seed Landscaping NY can give your grassy areas a new healthy start. With our step-by-step lawn care process, we will fix your dying lawn in no time.

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