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Is Lawn Aeration Really the Secret to a Vibrant and Healthy Lawn?

The blast of spring and summer days is arriving. This also signals increasing foot traffic in your yard leading to unhealthy soil compaction.

That’s where lawn aeration comes in. It is the landscaping SECRET to keep your lawns as healthy and lush as possible. 

Now you may be thinking to yourself – why would we trust your advice just like that? Well, we have got valid reasons to prove it. Read below!

1. Brings in healthier grass

Lawns need nutrients, sunlight, water, and oxygen to thrive. And the lawn aeration service feeds that to the lawn. 

Aerating lawns will enable all the vital elements to sink in well to the lawn’s root system. As a result, the root system will become healthier and deeper. The nourished root system then brings you a lush lawn that can defend itself well against the intrusion of unwanted grass and weeds.

2. Promotes new growth

The landscaping services aerate the lawns before fertilization and seeding. This gives the seeds and granules a perfect opportunity to take better hold and penetrate the soil. Additionally, lawn aeration leaves more room for the lawn roots to move and grow.

3. Eliminates thatch

The layer of dead and living shoots, roots, and stems are thatch. They emerge in between lawn grass and the soil surface.

No doubt, thatch is healthy for lawns. But if it grows more than ½ inch, it blocks the sunlight, water, and nutrients from reaching the soil. 

Aerating lawns can keep the thatch to the recommended height. In that way, thatch allows the grass to grow healthily without blocking its growth.

4. Alleviates soil compaction

As we mentioned, with increasing foot traffic, soil compaction is imminent. The weight and pressure of the traffic make the soil impact.

Keeping intact the compact soil for too long will block new growth in the lawn. They will experience “runoff”. When it rains or when you water the lawn, it will fail to penetrate through the dense soil layer. Aerating will take such an edge of the soil and let it breathe freely. 

We hope you’re convinced that lawn aeration is indeed the secret to a healthy and lush lawn. Now, let’s look at the best time to aerate lawns.

What Is The Perfect Time For Lawn Aeration?

It is in spring! Temperatures start getting higher during the spring season. So, it becomes the best time to get lawns ready for the warmer weather and increasing foot traffic.

We’ve got reasons for this too. Check below –

1. Spring is the time when lawns begin growing. Aerating it then will catch the problems before the prime growing season hits.

2. It enables nutrients to sip into the soil before the warm temperatures hit. Once the summer season comes in, it gets hard for the nutrients to get deep till the roots.

3. It gives an ample amount of time to the grass to “heal” and fill in holes. 

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