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Brilliant Ideas To Avoid Over Watering in Lawn Care

Your lawn is dependent on water for optimal growth and development. In fact, if your lawn care routine does not include proper watering, the grass becomes more likely to suffer. This is one of the significant reasons that you need professional lawn care service. 

You may relax knowing that your grass is getting enough water, whether be it with manual watering or sprinklers. However, there is the possibility of over-watering. And when it does, it has the potential to inflict more harm than good. Before turning on the overwatering prevention ideas, let’s learn what it can do to your lawn.

Risks of overwatering in lawn care:

  • Grass gets weakened because of excessive soaking in the water.
  • The root structure becomes shallow and weak.
  • Grass nutrients deplete due to the water running off.
  • Thatch appearing. 
  • Fungi infestation. 
  • Pest and insect infestation because of the moist conditions.
  • Dying grasses.
  • Invading weeds.

You do not want to end up with an ugly or sick lawn because of improper lawn care, but you can save yourself with the lawn care services from Soil and Seed Landscaping NY. Now, as you have learned what can overwatering do to your lawn, here are the tips to avoid overwatering. 

Tips to Avoid overwatering during lawn care

Waterless when.

Water them rarely when there is enough rainfall in Clarence. The wetter season in Clarence lasts around 8 months. So you should be careful during those periods. We recommend spending some time observing the current weather conditions to ensure success. 

A landscaping and maintenance service in Clarence can aid with this chore if you need professional lawn care. A DIY solution is to use small cans strategically placed on different locations of the lawn to measure rainfall in the region. The volume of water collected can be used to compute the rainfall rate.

The KIND of Sprinkler!

Makes sure any irrigation sprinkler system you install on your lawn has a rain sensor that can switch it off when it rains. The grass will benefit from fine-tuning the system and understanding how it works.

This feature will save the grass from becoming flooded again after it has previously rained. 

Soil and Seed Landscaping NY can recommend to you the best sprinkler for your Clarence lawn to detect rainfall as per the weather.

TIMING for watering

Depending on the type of grass and the weather in Clarence, only water the lawn once or twice a week. Summer usually necessitates more water due to the arid conditions that might continue for months. Modern fescues, ryegrasses, and even bluegrass lawns may withstand slightly less water, notably when treated with drought.

Water the lawn only when it needs. As previously said, most lawns can survive with only weekly or bi-weekly watering, so you can let us experiment and assess to determine what works best for you.

Just as much as you need to be aware of overwatering in lawn care, you must also be aware of underwatering. 

Anyone who does not water their lawn regularly understands how quickly a hot, dry summer can turn a lawn brown. 

Make Yourself AT Ease In Watering Your Lawn!

Soil and Seed Landscaping NY knows the range of watering limits in your lawn care for the better. We have the expertise and equipment to turn your lawn back into a lush green outdoor with excellent lawn care. We adhere to a solid lawn care program with proper norms to make your lawn survive through draughts as well. 

Contact us to ask for any queries about landscape maintenance in Clarence!