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Landscaping Ideas To Boost The Curb Appeal Of Your Outdoor Space

Does the front of your home look welcoming, cozy, and sleek? Or does it desperately call out for some landscaping TLC?

Minimizing your yard’s attributes and creating a beautiful street-size view doesn’t have to be daunting. And obviously, there are some amazing payoffs, too, like increasing the value of your home.  

According to the National Association of Realtors, houses with higher curb appeal usually sell 7% more than similar homes without landscaping. 

So whether you’re planning to sell your house or transform your yard into a beautiful, attractive space without breaking the bank -we have the top 8 landscaping ideas for you. 

8 Landscape Design Ideas For Homeowners 

  • Consider The Shape Of Your Home 

When it comes to landscaping designs, the first thing we notice is the shape and size of the yard and its front slope. But what’s important is to look at the design and architecture of your home. It can be a real asset while designing your landscape. 

 For instance, a cottage-style landscape compliments a country or farmhouse look, while a spare, minimalistic lawn would buzz off a modern building style.

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  • Visualize Proportions

For designing your landscape, you need to think in terms of proportions. For example, if you have a flat front, pretty little plants won’t help with the curb appeal. Rather, the best option would be to use plants and repetition that are inspired by and complement the shape of your home. 

When you group the plants as per the shape and lines of your house and walkways, you will notice the difference immediately.

  • Think About Hardscaping 

Another clever trick to improve the curb appeal of your landscape is to incorporate secondary hardscaping elements. For example, adding a bench can provide a place for gathering shrubs and perennials. Or adding a deep sidewalk can act as an accent for a wider flower bed.

  • Point Out The Pathway

Landscaping design is all about designing the area moving to the front door in a pleasing way. It’s good to make this pathway clear and intuitive so that guests can clearly know where to go.

  • Take A Look At The Color Of Your Home 

When thinking about landscape design, the color of your house is of the essence. Adding flowers and plants will accentuate the curb appeal of your outdoor space. For example, a blue house will feel more beautiful when complemented with a collection of purple, pink, yellow, and white flowers.

  • Include Big Planting Where Appropriate 

Before people step inside your door, they already judge your house and your taste based on the curb appeal of your outdoor space. Large shapes and masses of plants look very attractive from a distance when anchored to your overall home design. 

Remember not to go overboard and block your windows or doors with plants that will get too large.

  • Keep A Low Maintenance Garden 

Even if you love your garden and all the hassles that come with it – an elaborate garden could be a negative for potential buyers if you ever think of selling your home. Not everyone is a gardener, and thinking of maintaining large beds of plants can be discouraging. 

 The best way is to keep it clean and low maintenance that doesn’t require a lot of tender loving care.

  • Think Through The Seasons 

Talking about garden designs, the best way to strategize it is by including elements and plants that look good in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

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Final Thoughts 

If you made it here, truly you are devoted to making your garden a beautiful heaven. Anytime you need the guidance of experts for landscaping ideas in Clarence, you have Soil and Seed Landscaping just one call away!