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Top Essential Things You Must Know About Drip Irrigation System

The drip irrigation system is a lifesaver for any busy gardener or homeowner. Whether you have a container garden or a small farm, you can install it with the help of any landscaping and maintenance service in Clarence. With that being installed, you will save time, money, and water too.

Here, we will talk about some of the vital things that most homeowners probably don’t know about the drip irrigation system. Also, check out why this system should occupy a top priority on your lawn care checklist.

How Drip Irrigation System Works?

Drip irrigation works by placing small drip emitters close to a garden’s root systems. The emitters release water into the lawn slowly and steadily – and they are directly connected to a water source through feeder hoses.

Types Of Drip Irrigation System

Porous Soaker Hose System

If your garden has hedges, rows of shrubs, and garden beds, then this drip irrigation system must be a part of your lawn care checklist. This system is made of automobile tires with numerous tiny holes in them. These porous hoses sweat water along their entire length.

Emitter Drip System

The emitter irrigation system is made up of tons of hoses installed throughout the garden. Every hose has several evenly shaped emitters in them – which releases small drops of water into the soil. 

This drip irrigation is great for landscapes with shrubs.

WaterMatic Drip Irrigation System

This type of irrigation system helps in conserving water through minimal evaporation. You must use this irrigation system in areas of water conservation, where recycled water is used for irrigation.

Micro Misting Sprinklers

This sprinkler system was previously used only in vineyards and orchards. But now people with backyards have them on their lawn care checklist too. 

The micro misting sprinklers provide water to the grassroots evenly. One of its main advantages is that it protects flowers and buds from frost.

Reasons To Include Drip Irrigation In Lawn Care Checklist

Conserves Water

The drip irrigation  is really precise. Homeowners and gardeners with access to fewer water sources can also effectively water their lawns with it. If you are too concerned about conserving water (we should be anyway), drip irrigation is the thing to invest in.

Energy Efficient

The drip irrigation is the most energy-efficient form of irrigation system available today. Owing to the tape design of the drip system, water pumps use less energy than the sprinkler system. 

Also, you can set up drip irrigation to a carbon-neutral system with zero emissions – which is another good reason to include them in your lawn care checklist! 

Automated System

What’s one thing that no homeowner has enough of? Time! Watering lawns properly can consume so much time of the day. 

But with a drip irrigation system, bid adieu to this problem entirely.

A battery-powered irrigation system consistently waters your garden even when you are physically not there. Nowadays, there are even some Bluetooth timers available in the drip irrigation system. With it, you can water your lawn from your phone or computer while being far away.

Reusable Parts Save You Money

Drip irrigation parts are reusable. If properly taken care of, you can reuse the parts for years.

Final Words

Since your lawns can water themselves now with drip irrigation systems, go take a vacation. Hire Soil and Seed Landscaping NY’s services and let them take care of your lawn care checklist while you are on the go. We keep your yard in tip-top shape abiding by all the conditions that you expect us to follow.

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